Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Pill = lower cancer risk

I love the smell of Vindication in the morning.

Contrary to the falsehoods anti-choicers disseminate in the propaganda for their sneaky little war on contraception, the Birth Control Pill lowers the risk for several types of cancer by 12%:

"Contrary to popular belief, not only does taking the contraceptive pill not raise a woman's chances of getting cancer, according to a new study her risk will probably go down. You can find this report in The British Medical Journal (BMJ). However, if a woman continues taking the contraceptive pill for over eight years her risk will then start to go up."

Gee, this news makes me wish I'd taken the pill for longer than 2 years (I opted out in favour of an IUD when I noticed a few new pounds creeping up on me -- oh vanity, thy name is JJ).
But I won't hold my breath waiting for retractions from the usual fetus-fetishizing suspects who've blogged at length about the Dangers! of contraception... they'll opt out of this reality just as they opt out of any reality in favour of whatever cherrypicked statistics fit their odious agenda.