Monday, March 31, 2008

Only 14 hours to go

...and so far not a single foul word has passed from my keyboard to the internets. I'll make it. I will! Meanwhile... *groan*...

Well, hi-diddly-eye, neighbour! It's "Be Polite To People With Whom You Disagree Ideologically" Day. Whether you're in or not, it's an interesting thing to consider (in a "kind of, sort of, maybe, perhaps, because I've got nothing better to do" kind of way) -- most bloggers have adequate-to-excellent vocabularies, yet something drives some of us to add that extra little bit of je ne sais quoi to the discussion. I don't mean incoherent cursing and jabbering like pornographic gerbils, just a judiciously-applied *bad word* and an appropriately-descriptive insult here and there. But why call someone a "cataclysmically feeble-minded dumb****" or a "lying *****bag" when terms like "slow-witted" or "purveyor of misinformation" will do?

That's the problem. We've already used and used and used again more innocuous terminology like "dullard" and "little fibber", sadly to No Avail. It didn't lead anyone to consider that maybe they should think more and blog less, and it certainly hasn't stopped anyone from spreading misinformation. An incivil person might say "The drool continues to drip and the spittle keeps on flying", but I'll just say that nothing within the parameters of civility seems capable of actuating critical thought and meaningful discussion with some of our political opponents. So rather than get frustrated, why not use it as a creatively-challenging opportunity to come up with innovative insults?