Thursday, April 03, 2008

Behind the muzzle

Ho ho! Now we know for sure what we've always suspected -- the reason Harper keeps such a tight leash on the braindead pitbulls he calls "MPs" is because when the muzzle falls off, bad things happen:
"Mr. Lukiwski, then a Progressive Conservative campaign official, speaks directly to the camera at one point in response to a question from the camera operator.

"There's A's and there's B's," he says with what appeared to be a beer bottle in his hand.

"The A's are guys like me, the B's are homosexual faggots with dirt under their fingernails that transmit diseases."

Niiiiiiice. I guess you can take the rube out of Saskabush, but you can't take the rube out of the rube. Or something like that.

Oh well, it's all good because Mr. Lukiwski is sorry, so sorry, that he was such a tool...

You bet your ass he's sorry -- sorry he got caught. Sorry he wasn't somewhere else that night. Sorry the videocam was ever invented. Lukiwski might be one of the sorriest assholes I've ever seen.

SORRY-ASS UPDATE: I've seen a few comments to the effect that this tape was old, people can change. I agree, people can and do change. Unfortunately, it's clear that Lukiwski isn't one of them: his much more recent voting record on equal marriage speaks for itself. And things like this (from 2005) are anything but helpful:
"At 8 p.m., Conservative MP Tom Lukiwski makes a final speech. So raucous is the chamber, so loud the press gallery that I can barely hear him declare that the bill represents “a very slippery slope” that could lead to polygamy."
And fox terrier-fucking, let's not forget that. Arf!

"EWWW" UPDATE: Montreal Simon has the creeeeeeepy video of this bozo, caught in the act of being a slimebag bigot.

(h/t to toujoursdan in the comments at CC)