Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Something strange going on at the store.

The guy who owns my store has been doing some decidedly odd things lately. "Winger" owns the place along with a few other stores, but he doesn't do any hiring; normally our own manager does it. But last week Winger hired not just one but 2 (two!) people... which on its own is weird. When you add to that the fact that we already have more than enough staff, with the high school kids all on summer holidays and begging for more hours, it is weird squared, and I have to wonder what exactly he's trying to pull. These antics also affect most of the employees negatively, with hours down for most of us (especially me, down from 24-30 hours/week to 11 (eleven!) hours this week. WTF???

The buzz about this situation is that these new people are Winger's "moles", operatives assigned to find out why the store isn't making any money. Naturally it has to be because the employees are stealing, right? It wouldn't be because most of the produce is moldy, half the meat is rancid and everything on the shelves is about a year past its "best before" date -- naaahhh!

I've met one of the moles so far, a robotically-pleasant nerd I call "Corn Dogs" (because his name sort of sounds like "Corn Dogs". So Corn Dogs he is christened and shall remain). Corn Dogs hasn't been around this week, he's conducting surveillance operations at some of Winger's other stores. But tomorrow I get to meet Brenda, the other mole. I haven't thought of a name for her yet, but give it time. I should have one by tomorrow afternoon.

I am just wondering, does Winger expect me to work 11 hours/week for the foreseeable future? Because 11 hours just ain't gonna cut it. Or is he trying to get me to leave? I've been trying to leave for months, maybe he'll have better luck at getting this accomplished than I have.

So the question remains, what is Winger trying to pull?