Wednesday, June 21, 2006

From my cold dead hand, duh.

As a Hunter S. Thompson-type gun-toting lefty, this story caught my eye. Apparently, the United Nations has been deluged with thousands of letters from NRA members protesting the UN's "July 4 Conspiracy", a supposed plan to remove all guns from all responsible gun owners in every nation on the planet. The subject of the upcoming UN meeting that has the NRA so up in arms (pun intended) is how to stop worldwide traffic in illegal weapons. To me, this pretty obviously refers to all those AK47's, mortars and automatics used by insurgents and drug runners... not Bubba's 12-guage. How the NRA makes the connection between this meeting and their members' legally owned, registered firearms is beyond me. The NRA's VP has a new book on the ever-increasing threat to gun ownership, so I suspect this is a cynical move to exploit the less intelligent NRA members and get them to make this a big issue in order to sell books. But one thing's for sure: anyone that stupid shouldn't have access to any weapon more deadly than a rock.