Friday, June 30, 2006

Good work, SCOTUS.

Yesterday's supreme court ruling against military tribunals at Guantanamo is a cause for relief, if not celebration. Such tribunals, which the court ruled violate both US and international law, were part of the Bush administration's ever-expanding definition of "wartime" presidential power. The administration's position is that in matters of national security, it is above the law and can do as it pleases: from warrantless wiretapping to financial tracking to detaining terrorism suspects without charge to torture of said suspects. (Just typing that and re-reading it, I couldn't believe it was about the United States, our friendly neighbours. What has happened?)

This slap upside the head of the administration is a step in the right direction; if nothing else, it confirms that checks and balances are indeed in place. Not everyone is rolling over for the Bush cabal, and this ruling is a stern reminder to them that nobody is above the law, even in "wartime".