Friday, June 30, 2006

Latter-day Cheech & Chong up in smoke at Buffalo KFC

These guys were driving around, enjoying a doobie when they got the munchies so bad that they had to pull into a KFC drivethrough for a quick snack. Unfortunately, when the smoker doods rolled down the window to place their order, the huge clouds of pot smoke that billowed out from the car and into the restaurant got the attention of some cops (narcs, no less) who were inside having lunch. When el narcos checked out the smoking sedan in the drivethrough, they saw the hapless potheads smoking "the biggest marijuana cigar you ever saw". Oh-oh, looks like they traded their Thrifty Dinners for syrupy coffee and alpo-burgers as guests of the local constabulary! I can just imagine this scenario with background music by the Grateful Dead: "Truckin', up to Buffalo..." Well, hey, it's the weekend.