Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pivotal Game 6 Tonight!

This could be the last game of the hockey season, if the worst happens and the Carolina Hurricanes prevail over the Edmonton Oilers. The Oilers have managed to hang on after the Canes got 3 wins in a 4 out of 7 round... a win for the Canes tonight means it's all over. A win for the Oil will take the round all the way to Game 7 where hopefully the Oilers will bring Lord Stanley's Cup back to Canada where it belongs!

I've found it hard to get interested in the Playoffs this year, since my 2 teams (the Vancouver Canucks and my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs) didn't even make the first round. What a disappointment! Normally, both teams, especially the Canucks, are virtually guaranteed a first-round playoff berth. In years past the Canucks have even been considered Cup contenders, although I think that school of thought has gone the way of all good things. The truth is that their best season was probably 2002/03, when they made it to the 2nd round (only to be eliminated by the trap-happy Minnesota Wild). (Who can forget Bertuzzi's taunt to Minnesota fans waiting to buy tickets for Game 6: "There ain't gonna be a game 6!" Those were the days!)

Well, as Canucks and Leaf fans always say, just wait til next season. Meanwhile, GO OILERS!