Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I watched "Syriana" on DVD tonight.

According to the movie's website, "Syriana" means "the fallacious dream that you can successfully remake nation-states into your own image". Based on non-fiction, but embellished with artistic license -- ie., the nation-state being considered for a makeover in this case is Iran.

It was a great movie, but I must say that it's one movie where you want to have your glasses on and your hearing aid turned up loud, because the plot is a little convoluted and nuanced. If you get up to take a bathroom break without pausing it, you could miss something important. It'll probably take me a couple of watches to really absorb it. Overall, it was pretty depressing, but it deals with the connections between oil, war, politics and terrorism, and it would be pretty hard to sugar coat a steaming crock of shit like that. (The upside is George Clooney with a beard... yah baby.)