Saturday, June 17, 2006

Today I'm off, but tomorrow

I get to work a whole shift with Twinky. So far my Twinky Experience has been limited to about 45 minutes in the overlap between shifts, but tomorrow's where the rubber meets the road. 8 hours of "getting to know you"-type bullshit, which means her pumping me for information and trying to trick me into doing things I shouldn't so she'll have something of substance to report back to Winger.

There are too many people working at that store since Twinky and Corndogs arrived. Corndogs at least works at other stores besides ours, but Twinky has a 5-day shift which basically came out of everyone else's schedule. Everyone lost at least one day, I lost 2 (which puts me down to 2 days a week, if that). One poor kid is down to 4 hours a week! We actually do need a manager, since right now a 3-person management job is being done by 2. But Twinky's not managing, she seems to be doing what the rest of us workies do; the only extra thing she does is the ratting. There are a lot of things the store could be doing to run more efficiently, and if Winger wasn't such an asshole, he'd ask the people on the front lines (us) what they think. Not parachute someone in to rat on us.

And speaking of productivity, I actually got my taxes done a few days ago and when I finished I was pissed off beyond words. My refund ("refund" goes without saying in my tax bracket), is piddling: $72. That didn't bother me, though. What pissed me off was that my taxable income for the year was less than $7,000, and with that, Winger still thinks he has to send someone in to kick our asses.

Tomorrow should be interesting. Maybe I'll point out to Twinky that her 5 day schedule is making my measly paycheque even tinier. GRRR!