Saturday, July 15, 2006

Complete Buffoon.

This is from last week, but I need to lighten up a bit, and it did make me chortle.

Just look at this fucking idiot. "Pete", a rabid anti-choice cretin, saw an article in that bastion of journalistic integrity, the Onion, entitled "I'm totally psyched about this abortion!" As anyone with a functioning brain would know, it was the Onion's satirical take on the anti-choice movement's assertion that pro-choicers are "pro-abortion". Obviously not possessing a functioning brain, Pete went right off his rocker and posted a scathing message on his blog, complete with the obligatory graphic of a fucked-up fetus, entitled "Murder Without Conscience".

Response from the pro-choice component of the blogosphere was swift and relentless (or in my case, relentless), since the hapless Pete had referenced the Onion article in his diatribe. I always suspected that most anti-choicers were a few fries short of a happy meal: what further proof do I need? Only this: that Pete, having been made aware of his mistake, continues to use the article to beat the anti-abortion drum. Now that is stupidity that's truly painful to witness. Ouch.