Friday, July 14, 2006

I still don't get the Middle East.

But I get this: someone had better do something fast, because this mess is escalating right out of control. Israel bombed Beirut today, Hezbollah continues to rain missiles down on outlying areas of Israel and has said that if Israel wants an all-out war... "BRRRRRING IT ON!" ... and we all know where that goes.

All this because of kidnapped soldiers who are still alive and well and probably being held in Iran. Which in turn makes you wonder if Israel will attack Iran... ugh, no, too messy to contemplate. Iran and Syria have both been strangely silent while all this bullshit has been going on, and for now that's probably a good thing. The UN is meeting today to get a resolution passed that may or may not convince Israel to cease hostilities, but Israel has a habit of ignoring UN resolutions or getting them vetoed (the US routinely uses its veto power to shield Israel), so who knows.

One thing's for sure: someone in North Korea is not a happy camper right now! Poor Kim Jong-Il: just when he was the center of world attention, now all this. Come to think of it, the only thing that could make the Middle East more insane right now would be if Kim Jong-Il threw his hat in the ring and lobbed a missile at Israel in retaliation for upstaging him.