Saturday, July 29, 2006

Israel using White Phosphorus on the Lebanese?

Hospitals in Lebanon are receiving more and more bodies burnt in a way the doctors haven't seen before. They're sending samples for testing, but they're pretty sure that the type of injuries they're seeing are caused by chemicals, probably white phosphorus... a chemical weapon. When the accusation was first made earlier this week, Israel said their weapons complied with international law (almost verbatim what the US said about its use of WP in Fallujah). Ostensibly, WP is used to produce a smokescreen. But it isn't supposed to be used offensively, and doing so 'may be classified as illegal chemical warfare'. I'd say burned and charred bodies are evidence of offensive use, so there's bound to be more outcry about this: I wonder if Israel will stop using WP or just ignore world opinion and keep it up. Oh wait, they're already doing that aren't they? Out of contol.