Sunday, July 02, 2006

Just when you thought the wingnuts couldn't get any wing-nuttier

they exceed your lowest expectations.

Everyone's heard about the Bush administration's recent rebuke of the New York Times for the publication of an article about the administration's financial tracking program. It was kind of a "WTF?" reaction on the administration's part, given that the article didn't present the information in a particularly bad light. I assume most people (with brains larger than acorns) wrote it off as another straw being grasped by a white house desperate to reverse the trend of increasingly negative public opinion towards them... up there with the "Lookee here, we found 500 weapons of mass destruction" announcement by Rick Santorum. But then I caught this.

Now the New York Times Travel Section has been revealed to be part of a
vast terrorist conspiracy to assassinate Cheney and Rumsfeld in retaliation for their accusations by publishing the location of their summer homes! Egads, what a dastardly plot! (Never mind that the NYT did the same thing with the Clintons a few years ago... as usual, the wingnuts cherry-pick which versions of reality they want to subscribe to.)

This was actually pretty good for a laugh, until the fringe wingnuts started weighing in with ideas about how to track down the NYT's photographers and reporters, find out where they live, where their kids go to school (I'm not shitting you) etc. Granted, this kind of stuff is confined mostly to sites of people like Michelle Malkin, who in my humble opinion is crazier than a shithouse rat, but they do have readership. And who knows? Suddenly, their wingnuttery isn't that funny anymore.