Sunday, July 23, 2006

Oink Oink

Holy Pigs-at-the-Trough, Batman!
A Congressional audit of 18 months of credit card transactions by the US Department of Homeland Security uncovered numerous scams (a/k/a "credit card misuse").

Some of the "questionable" purchases made by DHS were rescue boats at double the retail price, $7,000 worth of iPods, hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of computers that disappeared. 2,000 unused dog booties, and (my favourite) a beer brewing kit. To be fair, supposedly some of the missing computers have been recovered (from where? DHS employees' homes?) and the iPods were intended to be used for data storage (mmmkay). The DHS said that it will be issuing "credit card rules" to prevent these kinds of problems in the future.

Do you feel safer yet?