Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rapture Watch

The End Times Crew, who already have a pretty tenuous grip on reality, are going right off their rockers with the widening conflict erupting in the middle east. The Rapture Index is 156 -- " fastenyour seat belts, baby! ('baby' mine)" -- and the Rapture Ready message board is exploding with posts hailing the end of the world (wear clean underpants, just in case).

Now this is really twisted. One poster said he'd heard a recording of a cell phone call made by someone in the Twin Towers - awful stuff, to be sure - but the poster took it as proof positive that the end times are upon us. In a demonstration of breathtaking reality-deficiency, the next poster, who said he'd also heard the call, felt the need to point out that the caller "was rather rude, and was using god's name in vain". (So therefore what? He deserved to be in the burning tower?) It begs the question, if you can't cut someone some slack when they're stuck in a burning building, when will you? The more of this kind of stuff I see, the gladder I am that I'll be "left behind".