Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Too many

My original title for this post was "300 dead in Lebanon", but for some reason it just made me shudder looking at it. And besides, Israel says their offensive will take weeks, so 300 is just the beginning.

I really don't get why they won't stop, and why the rest of the world won't make them stop. The US is Israel's lifeline; really, Israel is a defacto US state. So surely there's something Bush could do to make them "stop doing this shit". The region is now so destabilized that it will take years to get back to normal (assuming that at some point, sanity will prevail and hostilities will end). I'm also wondering: even if both sides were to lay down their arms today, return kidnapped soldiers etc, what then. What about Lebanon's bombed out infrastructure? Who fixes everything?

Evacuations of foreigners are underway at least, Prime Minister Steve is even flying in on his way back from the G8 to take about 100 Canadians to Cyprus. (As much as I'd like to make fun of him, I think this is actually pretty cool. As long as he doesn't wear a flight suit and pretend that he flew the plane.) And what about the Lebanese people? Stay indoors and keep your head down?