Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Virtue & Vice

This is nuts: Hamid Karzai's free and democratic Afghan government is planning to re-introduce the "Department for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice". This is the same government body that under the Taliban was responsible for making sure people didn't play music, fly kites or wear argyle socks, among other venal sins, and for ensuring that women were covered from head to toe in burqas. Supposedly, the move is an attempt to quell the Afghani resistance by making the government appear to be more Taliban-friendly. Umm... what the fuck???

I guess that means the whole Afghan war thing was just a PR move to make George W look like Action Man following 9/11 and to soften Americans up for Iraq. It certainly explains why they've given up on finding OBL. Why would they want to? OBL is one of the best PR tools they've got... Poll numbers low? Elections coming up? Release one of those archived OBL videos and get those fence-sitters to cast a vote for The Decider.

I want our troops out of there yesterday.