Friday, August 11, 2006

Another great big steaming crock of

horseshit, served up on a silver platter by Dick Cheney.

Cheney's comment on Wednesday that terrorists would see Ned Lamont's victory as a sign of weakness is being criticised as using yesterday's arrests in the UK to make political hay. Cheney insists the timing of his remark was totally coincidental, as he had "no idea" the investigation was about to conclude.

This, of course, is what's known as "a crock". Even the White House admits that the Bush administration was aware of the investigation (how could they not be?), which had started months ago. Cheney himself had been briefed about the plot days before he made the comment in question. What a bullshitter -- do these guys have no pride?

Of course not. There's no limit to how low the GOP bottom-feeders will sink to secure their power. Over the last 5 years there've been too many coincidences that somehow always end up favouring them. People are getting wise... more than that, they're getting weary. And increasingly, they're seeing the Bush administration as the source of their weariness, not just the terrorists.

(art by mark bryan)