Friday, August 25, 2006

Casting call in FEMA-ville

How about this Rockey Vaccarella dood? He's the "Katrina survivor" who drove his FEMA trailer to Washington DC this week to meet George W and deliver a speech so asslickingly sycophantic that it could only have been written by a fat bald guy with the initials "K.R.". He made such vomitous declarations as "I just wish the president could have another term in Washington".... {hork, heave, gag}

It turned out that Rockey wasn't exactly a true representative of the typical Katrina survivor: he's a lifelong republican who runs a chain of fast food restaurants in NO. He even ran (unsuccessfully) for local office in 1999. So he's not the "little guy" he claimed to be, he's a rich and connected guy. A rich connected guy whose arrival in Washington in a FEMA trailer just happened to coincide with the opening of Spike Lee's Katrina documentary "When The Levees Broke", and occurred just days before the 1-year anniversary of the storm's destruction of New Orleans (much of which remains to be cleaned up).

Whoa, what's that smell? Of all the fabricated self-congratulatory crap the Bush administration has choreographed, the "Rockey" episode is among the bull-shittiest. I can just see the ad that ran a month ago in the FEMAville Times: "Wanted: Actor to play Plain Spoken Guy. Must be willing to drive FEMA trailer to DC and make fawning speech of gratitude to president (script will be supplied) Asskissing experience an asset, but will train. Big $$$!!! Call 1-800-KRL-ROVE". Hahahaha, peee-yewwee! The harder these guys try to bullshit, the funnier it gets!