Monday, August 28, 2006

Jeb speaks.

George W wasn't around to get my Monday Morning Outrage in gear, but I was treated to a few minutes of a speech by First Brother and Florida governor Jebbie, who spoke about what how Hurricane Ernesto will be handled if it makes landfall in Florida. Now, I know the guy's views and I don't like him. But I've never heard more than a few short sound bites out of Jeb, so hearing him speak at length was quite a revelation. He spoke quickly and articulately, totally unlike the halting, stammering, maddening style of his brother. No "heh-heh's", no jerking around with the press about seersucker suits and roast pigs. He came across as a guy who, if you didn't know who he was related to, you might take seriously.

Last year there was talk of Jeb taking a run at the top spot in 2008, but that's definitely gone by the board. Any chance he may have had has been completely torpedoed by his moron brother. I'm sure there's no shortage of reprobate republican assclowns to vie for the presidency, but it's safe to say there'll never be another Bush in the white house. Poor Jeb, he coulda been a contender.