Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Just fartin around

As a nod to George W and his exquisite sense of humour, here's something to play with.

This whole thing about George and his fart jokes really captured the imaginations of the blogosphere. "He Gassed His Own People!!!" was one post heading I saw, in reference to how he purposely farts when meeting new white house aides. It got me thinking. On those rare occasions when I let one slip out in public (all bets are off in private), I immediately blame the dog. If the dog's not around, I say it was the new ringtone on my cell phone. In short, unlike George, I'm embarassed. How full of yourself, how arrogant, how mindblowingly egotistical do you have to be to basically say to people "I'm so important I can fart in your face and you just have to wallow in it". George may be one of the dumbest SOB's around, but he also has a real mean streak. I wonder how many other ways he indulges it.

(via the rude pundit)