Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sheeporexia Nervosa

Wolves' barks are as bad as their bites, according to some sheep ranchers in Idaho. Since the wolves returned to the area 10 years ago, ranchers have noticed their sheep are getting thinner, a phenomenon they attribute to ... bad nerves. The ranchers say that just knowing the wolves are around is so distressing to the sheep that they won't eat or drink. They say the weight loss, which ultimately results in a smaller lamb chop, may end up being even more costly to them than wolf predation.

I call bullshit! In my opinion, this is a lame attempt to get some cash from the conservation office, which compensates ranchers for any sheep lost to predation. When there's no predation, just say the sheep are losing weight because the wolves make them nervous? Nice try!

Idaho -- where men are men and sheep are nervous!