Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sign of the times

Behind my house I have a lean-to that usually serves as a woodshed. But during the summer I use it to stash all the yardwork stuff -- rakes, shovels, mowers and a gerrycan full of gas. I have a locked shed also, but I don't keep the gas there because the right combination of gas fumes and air in an enclosed space and ka-fucking-boom! The shed goes sky-high and the house burns down (which would take probably all of 3 seconds since it's half cedar, the world's best kindling). I've used the shed thusly for years and never had a problem.

Until today. I went to put some gas in the mower this morning and -- huh? WTF?? The gerrycan was gone. I've heard there are gas thieves in the area who creep around in the wee small hours siphoning gas out of vehicles, and I guess my truck must have been a tempting target. But, haha nyeah-nyeah, I've got a locking gascap. So the disappointed thieves must have decided they weren't leaving without something to show for their trouble, and grabbed the gerrycan with its $5 payload.

If someone came and asked me for the gas, I'd gladly give it to them. (Karma, you know?) What bugs me is that my property is so vulnerable that any asshole can just walk up here and take stuff or do whatever. It's not the stuff that bugs me, it's the whatever. And the fact that otherwise probably-okay people are driven to these extremes while the oil companies sit back and laugh and count their money. Bastards!