Monday, September 04, 2006

Don't read enough?

The advertising world has discovered the value of George W Bush. Last week it was Lakehead University's "Yale Shmale" ad, which referenced Yale alumnus George W as a reason for choosing Lakehead over Yale. Now Toronto bookstore Simply Audiobooks is running a billboard campaign headed "Don't read enough?" with a picture of George grinning away in all his gooftacular glory.

It's good news for George because it means that after the Bush presidency ends (after the Bush presidency ends, after the Bush presidency ends... sorry, it just felt so good to type those words that I couldn't stop), he's got a great career ahead of him as an advertising icon. Not in the usual sense of testimonial advertising, but as a sort of "anti-sponsorship" person. It's Bizarro-World advertising, where the message is "Don't do this, Bush does it" rather than the usual "Wear Nikes, Michael Jordon does". This strategy would probably work for foreign policy, so why not for adidas and big macs?