Friday, September 01, 2006

"It'll just be a cute little baby nuke, just big enough to hold in my hand."

Iranian President Ahmadinejad is undeterred by threats of UN sanctions if Iran moves forward with its nuclear programme.

Yesterday was the deadline given to Iran by the UN to stop uranium enrichment and allow UN inspections. Also yesterday, Ahmadinejad appeared on Iranian TV, insisting on Iran's right to have a nuclear programme and maintaining that Iran "would not be bullied". The UN has begun drafting a sanctions package, but China and Russia aren't totally behind it. If they object, Washington is looking at other options outside the UN -- such as attacking the country.

Yes, unbelievably, the stench of "regime change" is in the air again among the neocons; their problem is how to rally public support for such a move. Short of dosing the national waterworks system with high levels of LSD, I can't see how they could make this happen. But then, I didn't think George could possibly get elected in 2004 either.