Thursday, September 07, 2006

Operation Iraqi Justice

This makes me feel sick. The Iraqi government executed 27 "terrorists" in Baghdad yesterday, men and women. They were convicted of murder and rape (women?), declared "terrorists", and hung. The government provided no further details.

That's the kind of government to whom the US is now handling over control of the armed forces; the kind that grabs people off the street, calls them terrorists, and hangs them. The kind of government that keeps its people living in fear. The kind of government Saddam Hussein ran.

The whole "handing over control" thing is obviously just a little show meant for the consumption of the American electorate. Iraq is a key issue in the upcoming midterm elections, and the bush administration has to do something to give the appearance that some progress is being made there. But as anyone with half a brain knows, "handing over control" means nothing as long as there's still an American military presence in Iraq and still flag-draped coffins coming home.