Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"Creationism Museum" to open in 2007

Members of the reality-based community, hold your heads to prevent explosion before you read this. Okay? Here we go, more bugshit insanity from those crazy creationists.

As much as this sounds like a total contradiction in terms, a "Creationism Museum" is opening next summer in Kentucky (why am I not surprised). The museum's motto: "Prepare To Believe!". The museum (and I use the term loosely) is based on the proposition that the creation of the world according to the book of genesis is completely true. Through animatronics and Disney-like backdrops, its mission is to explain the indisputable existence of dinosaurs by contending that they co-existed with humans. There were dinosaurs on Noah's Ark, and pterodactyls ruled the biblical skies. (They're still working on an answer for why there's no mention of dinosaurs in the bible, but hey.)

According to the Guardian, some 50 million Americans (1/6th of the population) actually believe this stuff. Amazing but it must be true; all but $3million of the $25million cost of the museum (and I use the term loosely) has been raised from private donations.

The museum (AIUTTL) anticipates 300,000 visitors a year. I wonder if Richard Dawkins will swing by and have a look? If he does, I hope he gets a good grip on his head before he walks in. Although anyone who could interview Pastor (oh, I mean EX-pastor) Ted Haggard and walk away with his skull intact must have a pretty tough constitution.

(from slashdot)