Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"Good morning, good MOR-ning..."

This is so silly that it's almost cute.

Everyone's seen the Viagra commercial where the women are all dancing around and singing about how great it is that they got lucky the night before, thanks to the Little Blue Pill. Silly, innocuous fluff, right? Not so, says Blogging Tory "Officially Screwed". According to OS, there's an underlying message in this commercial that's so inherently evil, so odious and disgusting that it threatens to tear apart the very moral fabric of society itself: the "Viagra Ladies" aren't wearing wedding rings.

The vigilant OS was watching the commercial on tape when he noticed the conspicuous absence of wedding bands -- unable to believe what he was seeing, he replayed the commercial in slow-mo and sure enough, not one of those hussies was wearing a ring. Even the Crosswalk Guard! Children use that crosswalk! Bad enough that this shows our society's moral standards are crumbling into a pile of kitty litter -- unmarried people having S-E-X -- but what really alarmed OS was the message this sends to our youngsters: it's okay to get laid without jewellry. Won't someone think of the children???

I'm pretty sure OS was tongue-in-cheek with this... I hope? Hell, if I'd produced that commercial the last woman would have been a guy.

(H/T Officially Screwed)