Friday, January 19, 2007

Christian Values (Part 2,317)

Whoops! It's another shining example of those good old traditional christian values! Earlier this week, Sonia and Estevam Hernandes, founders of a Brazilian evangelical mega-church, were praying they'd get out of the detention center in Miami:

"The couple was arrested at Miami International Airport last week on charges of currency smuggling and lying to customs officers after U.S. Immigration and Customs agents found they were carrying thousands of dollars more than the $10,000 they declared, investigators allege."

The 10 grand was just the beginning; the investigators found more money hidden in a CD cover, a folded and packed jacket, their son's knapsack, and ... are you ready ... Sonia's bible. Grand total: $56,000. This from a couple of bible-whomping flim-flam artists who are already under investigation by Brazil's organized crime unit. But of course you had to know what the evangelical community's response would be:

"One of the pastors at the Deerfield Reborn in Christ Church said the arrests of the husband and wife -- known as the Apostle Estevam and the Bishop Sonia to their faithful -- were part of a `religious persecution.''