Monday, January 15, 2007

Encore hangings in Iraq

More "justice" was served this morning in Iraq as Saddam's two co-defendants were hanged.

There were a lot of things wrong with the way Saddam was hanged, but one that didn't get much publicity was that the video of his corpse after the execution showed a huge open gash in his neck under the jawline. As if his head had been partly ripped off by the rope.

Apparently the executioners have been working on their technique, because today's hanging, carried out with the usual dignity, included the added panache of one guy's head being torn right off his body as he fell. The video (did you even doubt there'd be one?) shows one guy falling and hanging, and the other guy falling in a blur and hitting the floor; (presumably the blur was his head flying off):

"The video showed the trap doors opening. Mr. al-Bandar could be seen dangling from the rope, while Mr. Ibrahim's body in a blur fell to the floor, chest down, his still-hooded severed head resting several yards away."

This has naturally revived the outrage simmering in the Sunni community since the execution of Saddam. I can't imagine why.