Monday, January 22, 2007

Like clockwork

When it comes to publicizing supposed "terrorist attacks" to further their agenda, you can almost set your watch by the Bush administration.

In order to justify their planned "surge" of 21,500 more troops into Iraq, Bushco has been trying desperately to link failure in Iraq with potential terrorist attacks in the US: "If we leave Iraq, they'll follow us back here". But nobody's buying it; the surge remains widely unpopular with 70% of the american public and most of congress (even republicans) opposed to it. Nobody believes "the terrorists would follow us", and with good reason. The Iraqi insurgency, of which al qaeda is but a tiny part, is fully involved in a civil war at the moment. The likelihood of them making a hard u-turn to cross the ocean and pop off a quick terrorist attack is minute. Even within Iraq itself, some sunni insurgents are saying "the jihad is no longer against the americans, it's against the shia".

But what's this?! Today there's news that plans were afoot to use student visas to enter and launch an attack in america, according to documents found in an insurgent safe house ... 6 months ago. If this was such a big deal, why wasn't it made public before now? And why now, just when Bush is having a difficult time with a democratic-controlled congress who won't bend to his every whim? And think about it -- student visas? Are they kidding? The 9/11 highjackers entered the US on student visas -- the chance of anyone being able to replicate that strategy is, or should be, nil.

I call bullshit. It's the same old excrement the bush administration's been crapping out for the last 5 years, and for the same reason, to get everyone scared stupid. I'd say "nice try", but it wasn't.

UPDATE: Via Canadian Cynic, I find that I am not the only one calling bullshit.