Thursday, January 11, 2007

What is Georgie really up to?

Bush said a lot during his speech last night, and some of it was even coherent. But none of it made any sense, at least not in the context of being a "New Way Forward for Iraq".

Sending 21,500 more troops to fix that wreckage of a country is like putting a bandaid on a gunshot wound -- even if you manage to cover the puncture where the bullet went in, there's still that great gaping blood-and-gut-plastered hole where it came out. 21,500 troops only brings the number back up to the original 160,000 that were there losing the war a year ago. This whole thing is a "wag the dog" to slide in something else that's going on.

Recently, there have been significant naval deployments to the Persian gulf and the coast of Lebanon/Syria, not just by the US, but a whole shitload of different countries. France, Greece, Italy and the UK are patrolling the Lebanese coast (UN Resolution 1701), Canada's HMCS Ottawa was sent to the Persian Gulf in September to be integrated into US Expeditionary Strike Group 5. Germany, Spain, Denmark and Bulgaria have all deployed ships to the Lebanese coast. And this may or may not be related, but India and Russia are starting joint Naval exercises in the Pacific early this year. Georgie's saying: "Iran: you're surrounded. Drop the nukes and reach for the sky!"

Last night Bush talked about "destroying the networks in Iran and Syria" that are helping arm the insurgents. There's a huge naval presence near both countries. And now reuters is reporting explosions in southern Iran.

No wonder he looked so nervous last night. Georgie's starting fucking World War III.