Thursday, April 26, 2007

Anti-Catholic bigotry? Please.

Conservative Catholics have been indulging in a great persecution high the last few days, clutching their pearls and swooning over this Tony Auth editorial cartoon that ran last week in the Philadelphia Enquirer:It refers, of course, to the SCOTUS decision to uphold the ban on late-term abortion. The cartoon suggests that maybe, just maybe, the fact that the five justices who voted to uphold the ban are all catholic might have had something to do with their decision. (Ya think?!!!?) Now Catholics are going ballistic, denouncing the cartoon as "anti-Catholic bigotry". Check it out:

"This cartoon is outrageous, despicable, and disrespectful of the Catholic Church and its hierarchy," stated Judie Brown, president of the American Life League (ALL). Brown stated that upon seeing the cartoon, she immediately "thought about all the trouble and injustice the Church has suffered over the years."

Oh, boo-fuckin-hoo! All the trouble and injustice the church has suffered! Yeah, it's so much trouble to write up secret church policy to deal with pedophiles. And even more trouble to cover up the scandals when those pedophile priests just can't keep their urges low-profile. Oh, trouble and strife. And now, bigotry!

Bigotry? Oh please. The five judges in question were more than happy to impose their personal religious beliefs on a decision against a medical procedure that's none of their goddamn business anyway. Anyone can see by the incendiary language used in the ruling that the decision was influenced by religion. When the religion happens to be anti-abortion conservative Catholicism, it's hardly a stretch for an editorial cartoonist to depict the judges in bishops' miters. But that won't stop the Catholics who are so intent on policing our wombs from whining and moaning in the throes of a persecution high. Ohhh, uhhh, ahhhh...

Not that Catholics are unfamiliar with bigotry. "Bigotry" is forcing women to be baby-making machines against their will. "Bigotry" is denying certain people the right to marry because you don't approve of their relationship. Catholics know from bigotry, alright, but when they're doing it they call it something else.