Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bomb found at women's clinic

Bread n Roses caught this article about an "explosive device" found yesterday at a women's clinic in Austin Texas. The discovery has prompted a national alert by abortion providers:

"Austin Police say the substance found in a suspicious package left at an abortion clinic was "consistent with an explosive device." The device has prompted a nationwide alert from the National Abortion Federation."

Well well. Another bomb left at another women's clinic that just happens to perform, among other services, abortions. Ya think...?
Typically, anti-choicers have been quick to weasel away from their lunatic fringe, "denouncing" the act of violence. In reality, they all bear at least some of the responsibility for these incidents with their continued use of gory photography and outrageous hyperbole like "Partial-Birth Infanticide" and "Abortion is terrorism". Such tactics can only serve to get their whackjob element all fired up, and they know it.

Oh, but wait; they say "We don't know if this was pro-lifers!" Uh, let's see... abortion clinic? Bomb? No, of course not. "Pro-lifers" wouldn't do anything like that. Sure, it was probably al-friggin-qaeda. Nitwits!