Tuesday, May 08, 2007

6 more terra-ists caught

Another 6 terrorist wannabes were arrested in New Joisey today. Yeah yeah, sure sure:

"Six men have been arrested on charges of plotting to attack Fort Dix army base in the US state of New Jersey.

They allegedly planned to use automatic weapons 'with the intention of killing as many US soldiers as possible', said the US Attorney's Office in New Jersey."

Let me get this straight: 6 guys planned to storm an army base with AK47s? Um, and how were they planning to conceal machine guns while they got close enough to carry out their evil plot?

Exuse my cynicism, but it seems like every time Georgie isn't getting what he wants, there's a "terra plot" uncovered, and it usually turns out to be bullshit. Like those losers in Florida who supposedly wanted to blow up the Sears Tower (and turned out to be a bunch of homeless guys or something). Even the white house is shying away from saying this latest crew were actually Big Time Terrorists:

"White House spokesman Tony Snow told reporters there was 'no direct evidence' that the men allegedly involved in the plot had links to international terror networks.

'They are not being charged with being members of an international terror organisation,' he said.

'However, their involvement in weapons training, operational surveillance and discussions about killing American military personnel warranted a strong law enforcement response.'" (...)

"It is believed the men were arrested as part of an undercover FBI operation as they tried to buy AK-47 assault rifles from a local arms dealer."

More unarmed chat room terrorists. As far as terrorism goes this is a yawner, but the upside is that it raises the question: Why the fuck can people even buy AK47s?