Sunday, May 06, 2007

Blast from the past

What doesn't the internet have? Answer: nothing! You can get anything you want at the worldwide web-staurant. Surfing around this morning I even found a complete and unabridged online version of Abbie Hoffman's old hippie classic "Steal This Book".

Along with the Anarchist's Cookbook (which I think is also online, but linking to it might invite a visit from CSIS), Steal This Book was the product of a turning point in the counter-culture -- when hippiedom started to show its dark side. Coincidentally (maybe), it was around the same time that crystal meth became popular -- until all those weird autopsies started coming out of Yorkville and Haight-Ashbury, 17-year-old kids with the internal organs of 85-year-olds. {{shudder}}

Still, it's funny to read STB 35-odd years later. It's quaint, somewhat naive, and not a little ironic: if applied to a straight job, the amount of energy this book recommends putting into stealing would guarantee a stellar career.