Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Creationism Museum to open

...in Canada!? Oh no... please, not in Canada... NOOOOOOOOOO!!!

"The Big Valley Creation Science Museum, which opens next week, was built for C$300,000 ($278,000) in the village Big Valley, Alberta, population 308, a two-hour drive northeast of Calgary.

The Canadian museum features displays on how men once walked among dinosaurs, a giant model of Noah's Ark, a set of English scrolls tracing the family of King Henry VI back to the Garden of Eden, and an interactive bacterial flagellum."

Just what we need: a celebration of the good old days when men and dinosaurs roamed the earth together. (I had a lot of trouble even typing that sentence.) When you hear about something like this happening in Canada, you just have to know it would be in Alberta. (My apologies to reality-based Albertans, but you must know you're in the minority there.) The Big Valley Creation "Science" [gag] "Museum" [heave] isn't as big a dealio as the $27million waste-of-money Creationism "museum" [barf] that just opened in Kentucky this past weekend. But that $300grand could almost certainly have been spent on something more useful, maybe a Royal Commission Study to investigate what the fuck is in the water in Alberta. Because there sure as hell is something.