Monday, May 28, 2007

Dove & Rainbow terrorists

Listen up, you gay and peace activists: according to the Alabama Department of Homeland Security, you're considered potential terrorists. Before it was taken down, the ADHS website included gay activists and anti-war activists in a list of groups that might include terrorists:

"MONTGOMERY, Ala. — The Alabama Department of Homeland Security has taken down a Web site it operated that included gay rights and anti-war organizations in a list of groups that could include terrorists.

The Web site identified different types of terrorists, and included a list of groups it believed could spawn terrorists. The list also included environmentalists, animal rights advocates and abortion opponents."

I'm fine with the anti-abortion wingnuts being on such a list; after all, what is AoG if not a terrorist organization? Last time I checked, shooting and bombing, or inciting shootings and bombings, were terrorist activities. If only the DHS would pursue those idiots with the gusto it reserves for these guys.