Friday, May 18, 2007

My MP replied today

to my questions about the notorious march for life banner. ("Notorious": sorry, I couldn't resist. Drama queen, yes yes.) That was (relatively) quick, considering email is usually their lowest priority. It took 3 weeks to get back to me last Fall when I sent a question about the softwood lumber republican "slush fund" (remember that?). Hmm! Anyway, here's what my MP's office had to say:

Thanks for writing to Jean Crowder, MP with your concerns. She has asked me to look into the situation. We are going to write a letter to the Minister responsible (Minister of Heritage Bev Oda) asking her to answer these concerns and reply to you directly. I will send you a copy of the letter that Jean sends her.


Joanna Lord
Members Assistant
Jean Crowder, MP

Hmmm! Bev Oda... Bev Oda... oh yeah, this Bev Oda! Sympathetic-to-wingnut-group-R.E.A.L.-Women Bev Oda. I wonder what Bev Oda might have to do with this. My MP must think the funding angle is worth looking at. While funding is unlikely, it's always nice to be 100% on such things. It would also be nice if the Harper government made a clear statement as to their stance on the issue, which they seem to be avoiding like the plague. Wonder what lies Bevvie will tell me?