Monday, May 21, 2007

No-shows to Falwell's funeral

Well, I guess the good revrunt wasn't quite as politically important as he thought he was. It looks like most high-profile politicos are skipping his going-away party tomorrow:

"U.S. Sen. John McCain isn't planning to attend the Rev. Jerry Falwell's funeral Tuesday. Rival Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani can't make it, either.

Nor can former Virginia former governor and long-shot 2008 Republican presidential candidate Jim Gilmore.While some Republican figures will attend next week's funeral in Lynchburg for the founder of the Moral Majority, many will not. Experts say that even with a presidential election looming, it's not a must-attend event and there likely won't be political consequences for skipping it."

It looks like the GOP, Falwell's political ally in life, has become indifferent to him in death. Georgie not only isn't attending, he isn't even sending anyone important in his stead. Rather, he'll send a mid-level white house aide that nobody's ever heard of. It's ironic how all these people who kissed Falwell's flabby, sagging ass when he was alive have already forgotten who he was not even a week after he dropped dead. But then being a top-of-the-line hypocrite himself, I'm sure Falwell would have expected nothing less.