Monday, May 07, 2007

Some vaginas might be clown cars

At least it would seem to be true in the case of the battered birth canal belonging to the poor woman featured on the "Not a Clown Car" poster, Michelle Duggar. (Birth "Canal"? Birth "Superhighway" is more like it.) Depending on your viewpoint, either congratulations or a vasectomy for Mr. Duggar is in order as poor Mrs. Duggar prepares for the birth of her seventeenth (17th!) kid. Seventeen!?!!?

"LITTLE ROCK — The Duggars are once again pulling out the pink ruffles and lace as they prepare for the birth of baby number 17.

Michelle Duggar said Monday in a telephone interview from her northwest Arkansas home that the whole family is excited about the arrival of the baby girl they will name Jennifer Danielle, keeping with the family tradition of giving the child a name that begins with J.

Jennifer Danielle is due July 27.

Duggar, 40, said she was doing fine with her latest pregnancy. Although she has gotten older since she had her first child at age 21, she said, she still has plenty of energy and only minor aches and pains."

"Only minor aches and pains" -- well, yeah, I'm sure that since the first 10 she's been so numb from the waist down that she doesn't even notice them sliding out and hitting the floor while she washes the dishes.

(graphic via birth pangs)