Tuesday, May 15, 2007

That pesky wordmark

Ottawa has responded to the unrelenting pressure of bloggers who want to know what the story is on the march for life banners bearing the Canada wordmark:

"OTTAWA (CP) - Federal officials are investigating the use of the government of Canada's logo on a banner used at an anti-abortion rally last week.

The Canada "word mark" - the official symbol of the federal government - appeared on the banner above the words "March for Life." Its use appeared to suggest that the rally on Parliament Hill had been sponsored by - or even subsidized by - the federal government." (...)

"A photo of the banner has been circulating on the Internet since last week, with bloggers using it to suggest that Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Tories appeared to be funding pro-life groups when they've cut funding for women's equality programs.

The spotlight shone on the banner resulted Tuesday in the Treasury Board Secretariat launching an investigation into whether the logo was used illegally.

'The secretariat investigates all complaints and queries related to the use of official symbols, which are protected under Canadian copyright and trademark law,' said spokesman Robert Makichuk.

'They can only be used with the government's permission.'"

Exactly. So let's find out if they had the government's permission (and which government it was is immaterial), or if not, get a statement to that effect from the government. That's all.

(Also a belated hat tip to David Eaves, who was the first person to actually notice the logo on the banner in person, before it was seen on video.)