Thursday, May 31, 2007

They never stop

Further to the entry I made a couple of posts down about the CBC "Great Canadian Wish List" Facebook space (or site or whatever they're called), the fetus brigade have been wetting themselves in ecstasy and rage all day because the biggest discussion topic on the Wish List discussion board is Abortion. Wowee friggin zowie -- like abortion isn't always the biggest comment-generator no matter what kind of discussion board it's posted on. (It even leaves gay marriage in the dust.) I didn't have time to really look at the Wish List when I posted about it before because I was literally on my way out the door. But once I was in for the duration, I decided to investigate the discussion and see what new and idiotic hyperbolic bullshit the fetus fetishists were barfing out. I clicked in and landed on a random post, which just happened to be...

...some poor member of the reality-based community trying (in vain) to reason with SUZANNE: "No actually Suzanne, fetus are not human beings..." Would that be the same SUZANNE who most Canadian political bloggers (and certainly all feminist bloggers) are all too familiar with, bugfuck nutty Queen of the Fetus Fetishists? I mean, what are the chances? This is a totally random discussion involving people from all over everywhere. What's the mathematical probability that the first thing I click on will be someone trying to deal with HER?

I had to laugh for a number of reasons, but primarily because this tells me that there are a lot less of them than we think, certainly a lot less than they think. Hey Suzanne, how many sock puppets ya got going there? Any fetus sock puppets? DAMN, that must be hard work! Oh well, have fun! Gotta go, I'm driving someone to the womens' clinic. Hahahahaha!

Next Day Update: She's still at it! She took 4 or 5 hours off to crash and maybe dust the plastic fetus mobile hanging over her computer, and got right back into it. And her sock puppets too! Bahahaha!