Saturday, June 02, 2007

CBC Facebook experiment ravaged by conservatards

It's too bad, the "Great Canadian Wish List" was a good idea -- a forum to allow young people to express their opinions and debate the issues that are important to them. Unfortunately the fetus fetishists couldn't resist telling everyone on Free Dominion to freep it and turn it into an "every abortion makes baby jebus cry" propaganda-fest, spamming the place with multiple "abolish abortion" and "personhood before birth" posts, in addition to posts on their other pet issues.

One "abolish abortion" post generated a long and lively discussion between the same 20 people and their sock puppets. Not so for most of their other posts: "restore traditional marriage" (no takers there), "proportional representation" (like kids are really interested in that), "eliminate CBC's left-wing bias" (every teenager I know complains about this), and most embarassingly, "for our nation to have a spiritual revival"...egads. No wonder they think adults are morons.

I suppose because they're largely written off as nutcases and ignored everywhere else (even by their own party), the socon wingnutters feel the need to spread their compost wherever they can. Interesting that no adult liberals spammed the site that way, or even joined it for that matter. I've been following the discussion off and on, but join in? No -- it's a student site, for god's sake. And some of the students aren't happy about the number of wingnuts who've invaded their space. Like this one:

Seriously, guys, what are you doing there? It wasn't supposed to be for 30- and 40-year-olds to push their ideological agenda, it was supposed to be for students, you know - the kids. Why won't you think of the children?