Thursday, June 07, 2007

Falling off a ladder

and getting a little bashed and bruised won't keep me from blogging about the Canada Wordmark/March for Life Scandal! Yeah!!!

Federal Government responses to the relentless pressure of Left Blogistan are starting to filter in. Darren at apply-liberally gets points for Most Persistence -- his tenacity on this issue was rewarded yesterday by a reply from Vic Toews himself.

If it sounds like a "party line" response, that's because... it is! But no matter, his now having gone on-the-record clears up some of our suspicions (and politicians never lie, right?). But as Darren points out, why did he have to mull things over for 3 weeks before responding? Could it be that he thought there *might* be something going on, or was it just run-of-the-mill wingnut brain damage?

My MP pointed things in a bit different direction, demanding a response from Heritage Minister Bev Oda. The Heritage Ministry if responsible for funding a lot of different interests and agencies (Status of Women falls under Heritage)... and Oda is known to suggest directing funds to questionable recipients (while cutting off funds from deserving ones).

I seriously doubt there was any funding involved with MFL or its infamous banner, but Oda needs to confirm it in no uncertain terms, get on-the-record that the "Campaign Life Coalition" receives no funding or other support from the government. My MP is on the job, baby.