Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"REAL"women gets in on CBC Wish List act

I have to give the fetus fetishists points for tenacity... oh, look! Even the dimtwits at REALwomen are getting in on the freeping:The Great Facebook debate ... finally, socons *resurrect* the two deadest issues in our society -- abortion and gay marriage -- for debate! Woohoo! Bring on the Dark Ages!

I'm watching this whole episode with some fascination, actually. It's revealing in that it speaks to the kind of desperation the No Choice/No Gay Rights movement is feeling. Stephen Harper was their great conservative hope, but he's deserted them to move closer to the political center in his quest for a majority government (something he'd be lucky to get even now, let alone if he were foolish enough to start spewing extremist social conservative bullshit). Socons are desperate to debate these "issues", but fortunately most Canadians just aren't interested in what goes on in the underwears of the nation; we aren't a socially-conservative country. If we were, Harper would be pandering to that sector.

I'm almost hoping the loony-toons freep and sock-puppet the "Abolish Abortion" and "Abolish Gay Marriage" and "Spiritual Revival" wishes enough to win. The prize -- a few seconds of airtime devoted to their cause -- would almost certainly relegate them back to the historical closet where they belong. Judging by their reality-challenged arguments on the Facebook site, if viewers are inspired to get online and read the debate, there's no way the anti-choicers' ideas could come across as anything but dogmatic at best, batshit insane at worst. I mean, "let's give Frank Fetus a driver's license"... okay, a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much.