Friday, June 22, 2007

A vote for Whatcott is a vote against Anal Warts

You can't make this shit up. Last week while on my regular patrol of Freak Dominion, I saw a post about how extremist homophobe and anti-choice whacko extraordinairre Bill Whatcott is running for Mayor of Edmonton. When I stopped laughing, I clicked onto the next post, thinking the other was just Whatcott's idea of a joke. But wonder of wonders, it's true.

In case you're not familiar with Bill (and if not, I deeply regret being the one to break the news of his existence to you), he's a Christopathic "ex-gay" who's been in and out of trouble with the law for his extremist activities for years. If he's not hassling gays for exercising their constitutional right to, um, exist, he's handing out gross, gory and likely photoshopped pictures of aborted fetuses to anyone who doesn't immediately run away screaming at the sight of him. Whatcott has been convicted and fined for hate speech for distributing flyers that railed incoherently against homosexuality and showed pictures of ... anal warts (lots of them -- he has an anal wart fixation of epic proportions). Whatcott managed to force the City of Regina to proclaim a "Family Pride Day" in reaction to its gay pride day, by threatening to sue the city. "Family Pride" somehow morphed into "Heterosexual Family Pride" with Whatcott delivering a homophobic diatribe in front of Regina City Hall. This is what passes for a mayoral candidate in Edmonton these days.

Whatcott is clearly bugfuck nutzoid; even a lot of FD posters allude to that nugget of truth, and treat him like the idiot that the rest of the gang allows to hang around because he can be so good for a laugh. But this particular idiot has some troubling connections, specifically with ArmyofGod, the USian terrorist organization whose members are responsible for bombing women's clinics and gay bars. Whatcott has happily written articles for the AoG and similar jerks like Neal Horsley, and freely admits to being acquainted with (and admiring) anti-choice terrorist Chuck Spignola and AoG's top terrorist turd, Donald Spitz.

So what did we learn today? That there's a much darker side to this imbecile Whatcott than people generally know -- which bears keeping an eye on. And that anyone, and I mean anyone, can run for Mayor.