Saturday, July 07, 2007

"I knew it!"

I bet that's what James Dobson, the inexplicably influential head of christofascist group "Focus on the Family" will be saying today about GOP presidential hopeful Fred Thompson. Dobson suspected from the start that Thompson wasn't a "Real Christian" ("Real Christian" being fundie-speak for "anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage"). Now the pinch is in for old Fred.

The Crime: Thompson isn't as anti-choice as he purports to be. The Evidence: having at times happily taken money to lobby for pro-choice groups. Ooh, Fred. Think of all the fetuses that ended up in biohazard bins because of your lobbying. Think of the children. Why does Fred hate the Children?

Throughout his campaign, Thompson has devolved steadily from someone who initially agreed that abortion was between a woman and her doctor to a 100% anti-choice, "Roe v. Wade is bad law" blah blah blah, in a blatant suck-up to the GOP's social conservative base. So it comes as no big whoopin' surprise to find that Thompson's anti-choice credentials are shakier than he'd have the dumb socons believe. The fact that he actually lobbied for an abortion rights group is irony as thick and delicious as whipped cream (with chocolate sprinkles on top).

But don't believe me -- see for yourself! Here's Fred, then and now:

Spin that, Freddie.