Friday, August 10, 2007

On-the-job cocaine use down

Workplace testers in the US are reporting that cocaine use by workers has fallen sharply:

"WASHINGTON — Cocaine use by U.S. workers is at its lowest rate in at least a decade, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy said Thursday.

It cited a 16 percent drop in positive workplace drug tests for cocaine in the first six months of this year, based on the experience of the leading American tester. The decline coincides with tight supplies and rising prices in many U.S. cities, according to a drug market intelligence report released by John Walters, the office's director." [...]

"Cocaine's reported decline among U.S. workers reflects the outcomes of 4.4 million drug tests conducted nationwide by Quest Diagnostics Inc. of Lyndhurst, N.J., in the first half of this year. The positive test rate of about 1 in 200 — 0.58 percent — was the lowest in the 10 years since Quest began reporting cocaine in its testing index, a widely used benchmark."

My my, how things have changed. Twenty years ago, overtime sessions that saw entire departments fueled by beer and blow were not unheard of. The likelihood that the person in the next office was having a toot off his desktop daytimer increased substantially after 8pm, and rapidly thereafter in proportion to the lateness of the hour.

But that's history. Bad and crazy history. 0.58 percent: so if you work in an office of 200 people, at least one of them, obviously the hard core, is still taking those clandestine illicit bathroom breaks. Look for the old telltale sign, "ring-around-the-nostril".